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New Food Economy

Food Banks Feed People. Why don't they fight hunger?

Everyone knows that food banks feed hungry people. There are more than two hundred of them in the United States, usually working as large distribution depots that supply regional charities through a hub-and-spoke system.


Acres Magazine

Fighting Food Insecurity

In this interview with Tracy Frisch, Author, Anti-Hunger Advocate Andy Fisher Sheds Light on Food Insecurity and its Ties to our Industrial Food System, Politics


Lacuna Magazine

The American hunger-industrial complex

Currently touring the UK with his book, Big Hunger, community food campaigner Andy Fisher of Portland, Oregon, claims the relationship between corporations and food aid in the US is not always as healthy or as charitable as it seems.

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The Identity Crisis of America’s Largest Anti-Hunger Program

The very nature and purpose of SNAP, or food stamps, remains a point of contention between public health and anti-hunger communities.