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Robert Egger

"Big Hunger provides a great blueprint for change."

Robert Egger, LA Kitchen Founder and CEO gives Big Hunger Five Stars

Book Review By Nonprofit Chronicles  

Very few food banks will advocate out of the ‘nutrition safety zone.’ It’s controversial. It alienates their boards. It splits their donors.


Book Review


by Mark Winne


"There’s been tension in the U.S. food movement for far too long around the subject of collusion between major anti-hunger sectors and the food industry for someone not to call the question."

Big Hunger Poverty

To Solve Hunger, First Solve Poverty spoke with Andy Fisher about his new book and vision for the future of the anti-hunger industry. 


Food Banks Selling Out to Corporate America? 


Food banks, once humble distributors of excess food thrown off by supermarkets and manufacturers, have become corporate enablers of the industrial food system, according to one longtime food activist.


Book Review

by Fabio Parasecoli  |  05/08/2017 Huff Post

Nobody deserves to go hungry. In the US there is wide cultural and political agreement on this principle, even among those who fully embrace the American mythology of self-made individuals who pull themselves up by the bootstraps. Especially when it comes to children, wherever they may be, allowing them to suffer hunger is ...